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What We Do


Secure Excellent Terms and Conditions

We asked our clients and business partners why they do business with us. The answer – our expertise and problem-solving skills were among the top responses. We would love the opportunity to problem-solve for you.

Creative Solutions Experience and perspective count when it comes to managing your risk. Your company faces certain risks, some of which are unique. You deserve a trusted, consultative advisor who will actively listen to and understand your concerns. Your Benchmark advisor will match and adapt risk management strategies to your situation through a total cost of risk approach. You benefit from having a partner who will seek to truly understand your business and then collaboratively develop a plan to reduce both direct and indirect costs.

You need an advisor who understands how important the total cost of risk can be to your success. That is why we use our knowledge of your business, our expert advisors, and strong insurance company representation to develop the risk management strategy that fits your business and safeguards your bottom line. You are involved in all key relationships that affect the terms of your policy, with the underwriter relationship being a key, but often overlooked.


Extensive Risk Management Assessment:

Growing organizations require specialists, not generalists. That is why we hand select a team of internal and affiliated experts who can design and administer plans targeted for your diverse needs—whether premises inspections, compliance audits, safety incentive programs administration, and train-the-trainer safety workshops.



Key Distinctions for Private Clients

Dedicated service team that is mature and experienced, including extensive backgrounds in serving the unique needs and expectations of private clients. Experience and technical expertise working with business owners, principals, executive managers, and successful families. Customized risk management perspective in identifying loss exposures and developing tailored solutions to maximize coverage and cost efficiency.

No Ordinary Clients

Working proactively with our clients, we are able to anticipate and respond to the demands of an ever-changing and often combustible business environment. We recognize that every organization is different. We also recognize that many brokers or consultants fail to acknowledge these differences by making generic assumptions about the services your company will need and actually use. In contrast to this generalized approach, Benchmark Broker has created a unique partnership assessment tool designed specifically for our clients.

No “Cookie Cutter” Solutions

The assessment is constructed to provide you with an unbiased, comprehensive analysis of your facilities, staff, culture, current program and the options that are available to you. This process is conducted on-site by our team of specialists, free of charge, and is used to identify, understand and evaluate every aspect of your organization, its strengths and its potential weaknesses.

In final form, the assessment provides our team with the knowledge necessary to make qualified recommendations regarding your employee benefits, wellness and risk management programs. Far from being a gimmick, our record proves that this refined approach leads to enhanced program design, reduced premiums and satisfied clients.