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Risk Management


Claims Management

The Easiest Claim to Manage is the One That Never Happens

The cost of your insurance program and your ability to obtain coverage at competitive prices is directly affected by the cost of your claims. While the Benchmark Risk Management Team is focused on claims prevention and reducing or eliminating the loss entirely, the Benchmark Claims Management Team is focused on making sure that when claims do occur, your claims are promptly and properly handled and paid. 

Claims Management is also concerned with reducing the cost of the claims and making certain Risk1that claim reserves are appropriate. We are your advocates and take great pride in partnering with you in the following areas:

• Protecting your interests in first-party settlement negotiations
• Resolving coverage disputes
• Coordinating and participating in scheduled claims reviews
• Monitoring of insurance company claim reserves
• Providing claim oversight on selected claims
• Assisting in identifying “outside expert”


Loss Control

The core of our Loss Control service philosophy is to provide impartial safety engineering services to our clients, while holding paramount the safety and health of people and the protection of property and the environment in performing our professional duties. 

We can accomplish this by partnering with you as well as your insurance carrier to provide Loss Control services specifically designed to reduce risk and minimize financial loss.

Loss Control is available to all clients of Benchmark. Look to Benchmark for a dependable and reliable source to guide, manage or augment your safety and accident prevention activities:

Risk2• Property Protection Engineering
• Security Controls
• Motor Vehicle Loss Prevention
• Natural Disaster Plans
• Product Safety Protocol
• Employee Accident Prevention and Industrial Hygiene
• Equipment/Asset Protection
• Loss Control/Risk Management Seminars
• On-Site Training


Outsourced Solutions

After nearly 31 years of experience in the insurance industry, Benchmark is highly proficient in global insurance, bonds and financial services. Beyond our insurance market expertise and in-depth knowledge of risk management, we offer you seamless outsourced risk management solutions. This partnership enables us to function as part of your team, eliminating the need for you to maintain an on-staff risk management department.

When You Need More Than a Great Policy

We work with companies of all sizes, who have recognized that the ability to manage their overall cost of risk is beyond their internal capabilities. With extensive experience and skills in the industry, our staff and management team deliver unparalleled service and results to our clients. Benchmark’s commitment to excellence is the hallmark of our work and the wellspring for the innovation, integrity, camaraderie, loyalty, determination and quality of work that characterize our client partnerships.

Beyond finding the best policies to fit your insurance needs, Benchmark offers the following outsourced services:

• Accounting
• Actuarial Services
• Claims Handling
• HR Compliance and Training
• IT Support and Integration
• Loss Prevention

• Management Consulting
• Policy Processing
• Risk Assessment
• Risk Transfer Alternatives


Cost Containment

Recognizing that loss costs make up approximately 70% of any commercial client’s ultimate insurance costs, Benchmark has established a Cost Containment Unit. This unit is comprised of seasoned experts in the areas of underwriting, risk engineering and claim administration. The Cost Containment Unit will educate, advise and assist our clients in ultimate insurance cost control strategies. The services are designed to turn a less-than-perfect insurance program into an organizational advantage for our clients by breaking down cost containment problems and issues into their individual components and attacking each systematically.

The Benchmark Cost Containment Unit provides assistance in your implementation of:

• Loss Prevention Programs
• Loss Reduction Programs
• Claims Administration
• Management Programs
• Risk Management Programs