Agency Opportunities

It’s simply better at Benchmark

More than likely you became an owner because you love to sell. So like most business owners, you saw an opportunity and decided to jump on it, to have your name on the “front door” so to speak. But then what happened? You started to notice that you got away from doing what you loved to do: sell. Instead of helping your customers you’re now dealing with staffing issues, IT problems, or worse yet, legal troubles from an E&O exposure. The reason you got into business for yourself was to enjoy doing what you do best, and unfortunately you don’t get to do it anymore!

Maybe something different is keeping you up at night, possibly something different like agency perpetuation. It’s difficult to find a buyer for your agency, or your family has no interest in carrying on the business and the last thing you want to do is walk out on your clients. They deserve better, and honestly after all of these years, so do you. The good news is that you’re a perfect fit for what we have to offer.

Benchmark is looking for agencies like yours, agencies that want to get back to doing what you do best: selling and helping your growing clientele. We handle all of the staffing issues, all of the efficiency issues, IT, legal, hiring, and anything else that comes along that keeps you from selling. Have a book of business? Let us buy half of it! Worried if your staff is fully employed or you’re concerned about employee retention? Join us. Benchmark will become your built-in buyer. You’ll find that you’re better protected and better staffed to service your clients when you’re a part of a larger group.

New Insurance Sale Agents

Benchmark is looking for new producers that know nothing about insurance but have a large social or business network consisting of key decision makers and potential clients. We’re searching for the potential commercial lines executive who used to be a CEO or CFO looking for a career change; the business person that knows everyone in their area of expertise or industry; or, the potential personal insurance agent that is in contact with hundreds, if not thousands of people, and just need a support system, a product, and the encouragement to get started.

Insurance Customer Service Representatives

Benchmark prides itself on its staff of the most talented and gifted Customer Service Representatives (CSR) & Account Executives (AE) in the market. Together, they make up the day to day face of Benchmark so we’re inclined to hire only the best of the best. We’re always willing to talk to anyone about potential availability because we are consistently looking for talented people. We deliver nothing but the best service for our clients and will settle for nothing less. We’re seeking buy tadalafil technically savvy individuals that truly know both insurance and how to treat & advise our clients.

Accounting and Office Staff

Just like any other business, there are day to day tasks that need to be done. The accounting staff collects and processes statements and payables, phones need to be answered, things just need to be done. While we is highly automated, it’s still a very people intensive operation.

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